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Interested in learning more or connecting with the Ads.txt Manager team? Use the form below to connect with our developer, publisher, or advertiser teams. is built and maintained by Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic, and offered completely free to all publishers. We built this tool to help manage the ads.txt files on our own domains, and on the tens of thousands using the Ezoic platform, and decided to share it with the world at no cost. operates on 10 fully redundant data centers worldwide and comes complete with geo-routing and automatic fail-over.

We designed a solution that would provide publishers with an easy, high-quality tool with the capability to maintain any ads.txt file successfully. Our team created a tool that from front-to-back was designed to be the best available.

That’s why is one of the most trusted and widely used sources for valid ads.txt files on the web. If you have questions about our team or tool please use the form below to contact us.


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Carlsbad, California – United States


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