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Ads.txt Manager is the world’s easiest way to manage, update, and maintain your ads.txt file. Save time and maximize ad revenue by ensuring your ads.txt is always up-to-date. 100% free forever. is the world’s most popular ads.txt management tool – used by thousands of websites that reach more than 200 million visitors each month.

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Make your life easy.

Having an up-to-date Ads.txt file is essential for publishers looking to maximize their site’s ad revenue, however keeping it up-to-date often requires continuous manual updates and uploading of files.  Ads.Txt Manager is a free tool that lets you easily manage your ads.txt files.

Get started by importing your existing file or making a new one.  Easily authorize sellers and validate your ads.txt before publishing. Save time and ensure that Ads.txt implementation isn’t causing you to leave money on the table.

Why Use Ads.Txt Manager?

Autopilot Your Ads.txt

Ads.txt manager is a way for you to manage your own Ads.txt entries or approve authorized sellers to modify their files on the your behalf to ensure that you always have the latest and most up to date ads.txt id files from your partners.

Get Rid of Junk

Keep everything organized when managing your Ads.txt file. Keep IDs in order and matched to the correct partner automatically. Quickly reference partners and IDs. Protect against cluttered files with unidentifiable junk in them.

Simplify Ads.txt

Ads.txt Manager provides a prebuilt way to organize files and authorize sellers so that you can always identify what files belong to each of your different ad partners. No more wading through line items to identify partner files.

Manage Large Files

Ads.txt files can get out of hand quickly. Manually updating and managing every line item for every partner can be extremely difficult and lead to costly mistakes. Ads.Txt Manager simplifies this process dramatically.

Save Time

Manually updating your Ads.txt file can be cumbersome. Ads.txt Manager allows websites to organize multiple partners and files quickly without navigating through lines and lines of code to figure out what needs to be updated.

Make More Money

An out of date Ads.txt file can mean lower publisher ad earnings. If a website is missing an authorized seller’s updated list of partners, they are missing out on potential revenue from those partners that the seller has added.

The Best Way To Manage Ads.txt

If you work with multiple ad partners, there’s a good chance that they are constantly adding new demand sources to their Ads.txt list of authorized sellers. If you aren’t actively updating your Ads.txt file to match all of the updates that your partners make, you could be missing out on ad earnings from those newly added partners. Ads.txt Manager makes updating and managing all of these cumbersome files simple.

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Upload, Manage, Validate, & Monitor

Upload your existing file or create a new one. Select authorized sellers and easily manage their list of IDs. Then, validate your file to ensure that everything is running smoothly on your website.

Monitor your file and manage changes over time. Approve authorized sellers to make automated updates and ensure that your Ads.txt is always valid and up to date.


A Complete

Ads.txt Tool

Streamline these tasks:

  • Create an Ads.txt file
  • Import existing Ads.txt files
  • Authorize sellers with one click
  • Add manual entries to seller files
  • See which partner IDs are enabled
  • Bulk upload entries
  • Organize partner IDs by seller
  • Allow authorized sellers to update their files for you
  • View Ads.txt files before publishing
  • Validate your Ads.txt file automatically
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Stop wasting time manually updating and managing your Ads.txt file.

Ads.txt Manager is — and always will be — a free tool. Get started today